How Would You Like To 10X Your STR Portfolio?
Welcome to the War Room! A game-changing hub for elite STR investors set on revolutionizing their financial game. Gear up for mentorship, peer advisory, and an ultimate mastermind experience - all designed to skyrocket your net worth and optimize a wildly successful STR portfolio.
Discover What Sets It Apart


Unlike other groups, the War Room is mentor-led by a team of experienced investors and professionals that handle every aspect of STR investing. You will have unique access to these professionals who are where you want to be and can tell you how to get there.


Unlock the power of battle-tested tools (tax, legal, banking, and marketing) to catapult your success and unleash unstoppable growth!


Join our elite circle of savvy investors and unlock a world of unique partnerships and collaborative opportunities. Be empowered by the diverse expertise within our exclusive network.
What If?
  • ​What If The Super Team Could Help You? 
  • ​What If You Could Invest With A Team Of STR Experts With Specialized Knowledge Of Every Aspect Of The Industry? 
  • ​What If YOU Could Be In The Inner Circle Of Knowledge For The Changing STR Market?
  • ​Will The War Room Super Team Evaluate And Guide You On Your Next Deal? YES!
  • ​Will You Have Intimate Access To The Best In The STR Industry To Guide Your Investing Journey? YES!
The War Room Provides Something You Can Not Find ANYWHERE In The Industry - Immersive Coaching And Guidance From Experts In Every Field With One Goal In Mind - Growing Your Portfolio And Clearing The Noise That Is Holding You Back!
Battling Entrepreneurial Solitude:
The Game Changer!
Discover a haven where courageous conversations on the rollercoaster ride of scaling a real estate portfolio are the norm. Immerse yourself in a supportive community that empowers you to turn your business dreams into reality. Witness firsthand the captivating tales of systemizing, soaring, and transitioning. Are you ready? Let's dive in!


Join us for exhilarating 2-day "Board Meetings" 3 times a year, where you'll dive deep into a thriving community of innovative peers who share your passion, drive, and values. Benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned STR Super Team and your fellow members, as they unveil their most effective, battle-tested tactics to skyrocket growth, amplify profits, and elevate the worth of your portfolio. 


Boost your skills with our cutting-edge workshops, designed to equip you with the latest tools for your ever-expanding tool belt. Don't miss your chance to stay ahead of the curve!

Key elements of these workshops include:
  • Industry Expert Insights: By inviting experienced professionals from the STR industry, the War Room workshops will offer firsthand knowledge and advice on navigating the ever-evolving short-term rental landscape.
  • Skill Development: Each workshop will focus on enhancing specific skills, such as revenue management, marketing strategies, guest experience optimization, and regulatory compliance, equipping STR entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to excel in their business endeavors.
  • Networking Opportunities: The War Room workshops will foster an environment of collaboration and camaraderie among STR entrepreneurs, creating a strong support network that will help combat the loneliness often associated with entrepreneurship.
  • Interactive Sessions: The workshops will include interactive elements, such as group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on activities, encouraging participants to actively engage with the content and learn from one another.


This community is built on the foundation of trust, collaboration, and a shared passion for the STR industry, fostering an environment where members can thrive and grow together. By providing a safe and supportive environment, the War Room community empowers STR entrepreneurs to share their ideas, celebrate their achievements, and find solutions to their most pressing challenges, ultimately creating a strong network of like-minded individuals who are united in their pursuit of success in the short-term rental industry.


The War Room's Super Team is made up of elite STR investors who have been carefully selected for their extensive experience, knowledge, and proven track record in the industry. As a member of the War Room, you will have access to this Super Team who will serve as your Board of Directors when it comes to making investments. They will guide you through the entire process, from identifying promising markets to making offers, closing deals, and marketing your investments. Their guidance will be invaluable, and their expertise will ensure that you make the right decisions every step of the way.

One of the most exciting benefits of being a member of the War Room is the opportunity to invest alongside the Super Team in larger deals. This means that you will have the chance to participate in investments that may have been out of reach for you otherwise. Investing alongside these experts will provide you with a unique learning experience, and the potential to earn significant returns on your investment.

In addition to the Super Team, being a member of the War Room means that you will have access to a network of elite investors. This network will provide you with valuable connections, potential partnerships, and new investment opportunities. You will also have the potential to work with your fellow War Room members, pooling your resources and expertise to identify and pursue new investment ventures. This collaborative approach will allow you to expand your portfolio, increase your net worth, and achieve even greater success in the STR industry.
The Quality Of The War Room Is Determined By Who Is NOT Allowed In The Room
Any organization is only as good as its “worst” member. This truth makes it imperative for The War Room to be made up of only successful (but humble), experienced (but open-minded), and ambitious (but ethical) entrepreneurs. You know….the kind of people WE want to hang out with. To that end, here are our core membership requirements:


STR business owner with skin in the game


A Sincere desire to at least 2-3x revenue and profit in 3 - 5 years


Possess a willingness to learn and a sincere desire to share


Personal and financially able and willing to show up and make things happen
*Note: Meeting the specific quantitative requirements does not automatically guarantee admittance into The War Room. There are other more important, qualitative requirements that will be addressed during the interview and onboarding process. 


Founder of Build STR Wealth, and avid investor with 25+ years of experience.


Founder of STR Insights, a research analytics tool that helps keep investors ahead of the game.


CEO/Founder of The Short Term Shop, and author of Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth


Founder of STR Law Guys, and awarded “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by National Trial Lawyers.


Founding partner of Rivan Capital, LP and Rivan Management Group with 10 years of experience.


Certified Real Estate and Investment Management CPA, specializing in STRs.


Professional photographer, videographer & marketer specializing in real estate.
Your Time Is Valuable. So Is Ours.
The process for joining The War Room is both effective and efficient, because we value time above all else. Here’s how it works…


Everything starts with a simple inquiry form that allows us to assess fit before any calendar time is booked.


You’ll meet with one of our enrollment managers for a joint interview where we’ll discuss program details, answer questions, and determine which program is the best fit.


You’ll meet your fellow members, attend your first Advisory Board meeting, and get some “quick win” strategies. (Our goal is for you to ROI your investment in 90 days or less.)
Become A War Room Member
Our mission is to help our Members achieve their STR entrepreneurial dream. Through expert mentorship, proven models, and trusted relationships, our Members scale their companies, achieve their “ideal” exit, and create true wealth.
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